June 23, 2021

Finding Your Super Power

Your body is a spacecraft.

Flying through life on your own wild expedition. Each one of our magnificent, intricately made, human rockets are born with innate instincts and supernatural abilities. Our third eye, perhaps the most powerful of them all.

Let’s deep dive in.

Think of your entire brain as your spacecrafts computer system. The tech residing inside your head controlling your entire machine. A measly 10 percent of this brain is actually used and understood and known as your “intentional mind”. Consider this tiny 10 percent as your desktop. All of the important pages and icons you keep open. The information you grab hold of daily and think you have a good handle on. That leaves the remaining 90 percent of your brain as your “unintentional mind” or your subconscious. Your internal hard drive. The place where your all of your personal files are stored.

Now here’s where it gets exciting!

Our minds eye, (or our third eye) is an invisible all seeing video camera sending all downloads directly to our subconscious brain. You may be the captain of your spacecraft but your subconscious brain is your ships internal auto pilot. Automatically directing and controlling almost everything you do and feel. The enigma within.

Now also know this - nothing is random. Every decision, emotion, reaction, pain and trauma stems from your subconscious stockpile. The vast collection of information stored since birth.  The intricate web of your entire life. ThePixar animation film Inside Out, explains the brain beautifully. Cleverly compartmentalising your minds key emotions into 5 unique characters; Joy,Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. The film explains how every moment in life affects each one of these characters and their personal growth and development.Every moment and experience you’ve ever had is held here in the subconscious and continues to play a key part in the function, health and well-being of your unique mortal spacecraft.

And here is the magic.

Your inner, third eye could be the hidden secret to a happier life.

In order for us to turn off this internal auto pilot and take back control of our spacecraft, we must first acknowledge the existence of the subconscious mind. Honour it, cherish it, thank it for getting you this far in life.

And then reach deep inside and connect with it. Access it.

Become it.

Here are some simple ways to do this:


·     Meditate

Begin here. Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Solitude is key. With your eyes closed, turn your gaze towards the middle of your eyebrows.That’s where your third eye shakra is located. Now focus on your inner thoughts. Listen to them. Do this daily. Every morning. And/or every night.

·   Find a Mantra

Meditation is not necessarily about turning off your thoughts. It’s about listening to them, but without all the noise. To help you slow down your thoughts and drown out distraction choose a mantra. A word or sound that’s easily said in your head. A phrase that brings you peace and calm. Once your eyes are closed and your gaze is focused on your third eye, bring your attention to the mantra and repeat it over and over in your head. Let the mantra be the vehicle that transports you into your subconscious.

·    Om (Pronounced“Ohmm”)

·    I am enough

·    I am full of light

·    Love is everything

·    Let it go


·   Positive Affirmations

This is food for the mind. Mental and emotional nourishment. Empower yourself. Encourage yourself. Focus on what you love about you. Remind yourself that you love it all. Write positive notes to yourself on your mirrors. In your notebooks. On your hand. Surround yourself with positivity and reassurance. Remember your subconscious stores everything and uses it as fuel. Fill it up with goodness.  When life gets hard or stressful double up on positive affirmations. Fight the bad with good.


o  Today I choose to be confident.

o  I am proud of myself.

o  I deserve to be happy.

o  I can control my own happiness.

o  I believe in myself.

o  I accept who I am.

o  I can do anything.

o  I have the power to make my dreams come true.

o  Today is going to be an awesome day!


·   Feel your body

Do a daily MOT on your body.Check in with how your spacecraft is feeling. Every little part of you, from head to toes. Acknowledge it, listen to it, take note of how it all feels and then give it love, thanks and praise.

·   Listen to your Inner Voice

What is it saying? Are you tapping into your intuition? Is your gut giving you warning signs or is it just fear? Meditate to figure it out. Big decisions are best made when your mind is calm and clear.

·    Focus on Observing and Listening

People rarely see what is right in front of them. Life is full of magic and beauty. Absorb it all consciously. Be more present. Maximize your concentration in every moment, whomever you are with. Appreciate and honour the people you choose to share time with. When consciously observing and listening, we learn to attract more of what is of true value to us. It is equally important to avoid situations or people that do not makes us feel good. Remember you are the captain of your ship. Fly high!